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What's a Scarifier and Why Should I Consider One for my York Rake?


Scarifier Attachment

york scarifierA Scarifier is an optional attachment for a York Rake used to provide loose material for grading and raking.  Scarifiers have individual replaceable teeth, up to 10, that penetrate the ground up to 6" depending on the model.  The spacing and design of the scarifier teeth allow them to pulverize the soil between them.  Scarifying the site gets it ready for final grading and raking in preparation for seeding or laying sod.  A Scarifier equipped York Landscape Rake can rip out your old lawn and put in a new one.  Scarifiers are multi-purpose attachments, and also play an important roll when rebuilding driveways and roads.  When the driveway or road is damp, scarifying the surface mixes and redistributes the dissimilar materials that have concentrated to form a pothole.  Raking the surface finishes the equalization process and helps dry the driveway or road.

Combining a Scarifier with your York Landscape Rake gives you two tools in one, eliminating the need for other pieces of equipment.  Once attached, all York Scarifiers fold up out of the way when not in use.  Scarifiers are available for the three-point hitch Models RS, RW, and RI.

Give York a call to learn more about equipping your York Rake
with a scarifier.  1-800-643-YORK (9675)


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