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YORK RAKES Models TA14, TA25 and TA26 make ideal accessories for ATVís and UTVís.

Coupled to an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or a Utility Vehicle (UTV) by a simple pin hitch, these rakes are easily maneuvered in and out of tough spots making the ATV or UTV a versatile grounds maintenance and landscaping tool.

Fabricated from structural steel and electrically welded, with teeth of heat-treated alloy steel, these rakes are rugged and dependable.

They can be angled left or right to windrow material, and also feature lift adjustments to control working depth and distribution of desired materials. When equipped with an optional grader blade they become a grading and leveling tool as well.

The National Forest Service has found, as have so many of our customers, that our rakes are versatile and designed to withstand the rough treatment on difficult terrain and trails. A customer recently commented ďLast year we lost as many as 63 days due to weather. It was just awful. So we invested in an ATV with a YORK RAKE. It worked great! We pulled everything into piles with the YORK RAKE and put the debris in wheelbarrows and we were done. It worked perfect. We are so far ahead of where we were last year. Not playing catch up is a beautiful thing!Ē

Whether clearing freshly tilled soil for a new lawn, keeping your driveway or camp road in shape or blazing a new trail to that favorite hunting spot, your YORK RAKE is the ultimate ATV or UTV accessory!

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